Our fun trip to...

So, we took a trip to Big Bear Lake/city/mountain two weekends ago with Angelina’s side of the family and it was quite a blast. We stayed in a small cabin on the north/east side of the town and there was a ton of snow. Typically the funniest part about Big Bear is the lack of snow although its pretty cold and at an elevation 7,000 ft. Oh wait, it is still in Southern California. That’s why. Although to me, the fifty degree weather, occasional rain, and fake snow on the mountains is a lot of fun. Where else can you go snowboarding in a sweatshirt or wear workout shorts and snow boots? And hey, shoveling snow is fun for like ten minutes.
We had a good time just chillin’ most of the day Saturday sledding, playing, and building stuff in the snow. Once we found a place to hang out we built a cool sled hill for the girls and a jump for me to snowboard on. We also enjoyed a classic snow ball fight. We were all very nice to each other too. All that and then seeing Sophia being dragged around a in mini sled with her head bobbing and arms flailing around like crazy. We weren’t sure if she liked or not until we stopped and she starting crying. It’s interesting how what we thought would be fun for her, then looked like torture, she really enjoyed. Snow clothes are always fun considering they make you look like an eskimo marshmallow.Angelina and I for sure got a kick out of the drive up the mountain. I think we saw something like 10 winter/ summer like camps in ten minutes. We also saw a whole bunch of interesting signs that don’t typically pop up on the freeway in Orange County. It seems that there is a warning for everything you could ever think would go wrong on a windy mountain drive. So funny I felt that they needed to be documented.

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