best idea ever

I just have to say that Mr. Roscoe is a genius. This was the first visit to Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n Waffles for my dad and I, but not for Angelina and David. Dad and I choose the 1/4 chicken smothered in gravy and onions while Angelina and David had the original chicken and waffles. As awkward and weird the combination of chicken and waffles sounds, it definitely isn't. It's one of those "if you haven't tried it you can't bash it" things. No doubt the best waffle I have ever tasted with it's soft, moist, cinnamon taste of goodness. Top that off with some fried chicken and syrup...amazing. Not that I wanted to prove a point, but I was able to cram it all down and still be able to breathe. I mean how could you not finish such a huge plate of goodness. This made quite a highlight in our evening since the Kings hockey game was the real reason for being in downtown LA. As fun as the game was, Roscoe's basically tied that.

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nicole viola said...

dangit! I missed out on that?!