seth :: two months

At two months, our littlest man is still such an easy baby. He rolls with the punches and is so easygoing. He cries when he's hungry, has a poop diaper, or when he gets too hot. That's it. No joke. He has started playing on the activity mat that Micah just loved as a baby. He smiles a ton now, and coos at us during his awake time. He bats at his toys and is just such a joy.

He's been wearing size 3 months (in most brands) for a few weeks now and I actually packed away the newborn size a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't expecting him to grow out of them that soon, but he's a BIG guy! As far as his features, I think he looks a whole lot different from Micah at this age. We'll see how that changes as he grows.

Speaking of Micah, he mostly adores his baby brother. He wants to hold him and kiss him and he is always holding his hand in the car. He has hurt his little brother a couple of times which breaks my heart, but I'm hoping that the last time was enough to scare him into being gentle!

Seth's biggest achievement (in my opinion) so far is that he has slept 7-8 hour stretches since August 1st! Because I'm pumping and Alex is a night owl, he gives him a bottle before I go to bed which means i can go to sleep after my last pump and not wake until Micah gets up!!! That means I have gotten 8+ hours of sleep for almost a week now. Amazing! Both boys have been napping at the same time in the afternoon for about a month. Micah will sleep about 2 hours, and Seth will go for 3 or 4. We're in sleep heaven over here.