seth :: three months

this was a big month for my baby boy. laughing started in full force, he is cooing and "talking" and he started moving all around. on the eve of turning three months, our little man gave us a scare by falling off our bed. We were scared and i didn't sleep hardly at all that night. oh, and i went back to work the next day!! so, this month started with a bang! seth handled the transition of me going back to work  like the champ that he is. he was super sweet and mellow for my parents, and is still generally a very chill little guy. when laying on his back, he scoots himself backwards by kicking his legs and he can almost roll over. if he would just move one leg a little he would make it over, but he doesn't :) our dr doesn't do 3 month appointments so we will have to wait another month to find out where this guy is on the infant charts, but my guess is that he's still off the charts!