think. think. think.

sometimes when you have waaaaay too much caffeine in one day you can't sleep, even though you are ridiculously tired and need to rest so that you can wake up at the crack of dawn. yup, that's where i'm at right now, where i am completely overanalyzing everything, and that usually makes for a really emo post. that's right peeps i'm bringing emo back.

so i've been thinking tonight about how multiple people that i would consider close friends have recently taken a view of my that i really don't like, and insinuating things about me that are completely untrue, and quite honestly things that would never cross my mind. so what i'm stuck on right now, is 1. are people just plain misreading me, or 2. am i not putting out the real me to even my closest friends. it's making me think that i'm doing something wrong, and maybe i am but it's hard to think about people close to you not REALLY knowing you. i get that not all of your friends are going to know every last thing about you, but i would like to think that those i confide in and do life with know my character. you see, i am pretty much okay with people thinking whatever they want to, unless i actually care about that person, then it's really painful to hear things that you would never think people would think about you because you would never do the things they think you would. hmmm....

yeah i realize that this is way vague and i'm being so analytical, but hey when you are coming down off of sugar and caffeine, what else are you supposed to do?

in other news, the countdown is at 8 days....and for tessa on the east coast, it's already down to 7 days! that's right, the reunion is coming and it's going to be good times


going...and going....and going...

Time has been flying by! Seriously, it seems like I am at full speed ahead even when I’m sleeping!

Friday was a Disney day with Christopher and Charlie during the day, and Bridget, Steph, and Kaelyn at night. I can’t even explain how much I love Disneyland! Just being there makes me happy. The whole “rockin” thing is way cool on California Screamin’, and NOT so cool on Space Mountain….i just don’t want to see the track on Space Mountain, and the cheesy intro was awful, but hilarious at the same time. I was so tired by the end of the night that I fell asleep on the couch!

I spend all day at work today, and let me tell you, getting those classrooms ready and then watching the hallway during service really drained me. I thought it was weird that I was so tired, but now that I think about it, I really was walking a lot of the day, and my carrie bradshaw feat of the day was doing all of that in HEELS! Yay me! I’m not gonna lie, my feet are not super happy with me, but what can I say, they really went well with my outfit ☺

My new friend josh came over last night after church, and we watched The Last Kiss (i heart zach braff AND rachel bilson!) and ate pixie stix until my stomach hurt. It was goodtimes.

This morning I’m short one volunteer, but as of last night I was short 8 for this weekend, and somehow God worked it out, it’s really cool to see His provision in such tangible ways.

Oscar party tonight….i can’t wait!



apparently i am a big flat slacker in the blogging world. and apparently i've been found out...but i guess it's better to have someone reading, otherwise it's just talking to jenny, and i could just call!!

so it's been about 3 weeks since my last post, and life has completely changed!
i'm no longer unemployed, i'm the KidsROCK preschool associate @ ROCKHARBOR. It's only been a week, but i love it. it's been a crazy long journey with a ridiculously long story, but God is so faithful, and i wouldn't have had the journey any other way! so yeah, stoked to be starting a whole different phase in my life!

i am not however a huge fan of the drive everyday, so i'm looking for somewhere to live in the CM area. plus, we all know how much i love the OC!

my days have been pretty jam-packed with stuff recently. lots of stuff....and that's really fun. a whole lot of lunches and shopping with friends, and amazingly i haven't been spending a lot!

on the reunion front, in less than two weeks, two of my favorite people in the world will be here! yay!

okay Sara is awake now, so i get to go play!


i have hit the music jackpot!

i received an iTunes giftcard for christmas. at first i was stoked, but then the burden set in....how that heck is a girl who loves music so much supposed to be able to narrow it down to 2 or 3 albums?? so, i've had the card for over a month (which is an insanely long time for the girl who usually can't wait to shop with gift cards!), and was still so indecisive about what to get....do i get the new paolo nutini album...maybe something from muse....or how about the new (sorta) killers album. oh crap, but what about the dustin kensrue album...or wait, i forgot about the new snow patrol...ahhhhh!

thankfully, today i hit the music jackpot! my friend phil set me up on his ftp site, and bam, angelina has a whole lot of music she's been wanting for a very long time! now i know exactly what to buy from iTunes! yay!!

so the rest of the day was pretty awesome as well....let's just go for the highlights:

1. got the kids to school on time (which i was quite worried about)
2. fun times at south coast plaza with the younger boys
3. getting the house clean while the boys were down (it was a disaster before!)
4. gelato with all the kids (the only thing that beats gelato on a warm day is gelato with 4 awesome kids!)
5. the awesomest dance party in the history of dance parties!!!! i have got to figure out how to get my videos off my phone and onto my computer so that people can laugh with me!

i feel a stye coming on. the doctors swear that it has nothing to do with lack of sleep, but i'm telling you....i didn't sleep much last night, and now i feel it. it's definitely on it's way. yuck!


the exciting adventures of the unemployed

So it has definitely been nice to have some free time to just have some fun. This week started off quite nicely with a shopping trip to South Coast Plaza with Jenny, and then kept getting better. Tuesday I went to the movies with Catherine, and saw Volver. I’m typically a big fan of the foreign films, and this was one was a good one. I thought it was pretty funny, and Penelope Cruz was awesome. And of course there was life group Tuesday night which was great as usual. So then Wednesday I had an interview, and that’s pretty much all I did that day! Thursday was probably the busiest day with lunch with Jeannie and Jenny, then shopping at Fashion Island with Cath, and then babysitting at night. Good times for all. I was super excited to get a $120 jacket for $30 at Anthropologie! Amazing! Friday I spent my morning with two of the cutest guys in the whole world….Carson and Preston! Those kids are so awesome, and we had a fun day playing in our blanket fort, digging in the sand at the park, and playing with playdough! I had so much fun…and got paid! What the heck, this is the freakin life. Yeah, I do have career goals and aspirations, but right now I’m pretty much loving life. Jenny put on a movie night, and had a great turn out. It was fun to see the kids with their families, and everyone seemed to have a great time!

My Saturday ended up being completely different than I thought. I was supposed to babysit tonight, but Traci cancelled so I literally had no plans. I slept in, and then had lunch with Roxeanne and Phil (who have become two of my favorite people on the planet!). I figured that was pretty much it for today, but I texted Lease and ended up on Balboa Island with her and her friend Chris. He’s not from California, and lives in LA so we figured we’d show him a little of the OC. After Del Taco, Balboa Bars, the Wedge, and the ferry, we were off to Goat Hill Tavern, and then the Gypsy den for a chai. Yummm. It turned out to be an amazing Saturday. Yay for new friends and the OC!!

Tomorrow it’s off to RH with Lease for the first time in forever. Yeah, this is pretty much the longest most boring blog ever, but I’m the only one who reads this and it makes me happy, so who cares?!

If I could figure out how to get pictures off my enV and onto my computer, I would love it, but I guess for now I’ll just have to be picture free. Sad.