i have hit the music jackpot!

i received an iTunes giftcard for christmas. at first i was stoked, but then the burden set in....how that heck is a girl who loves music so much supposed to be able to narrow it down to 2 or 3 albums?? so, i've had the card for over a month (which is an insanely long time for the girl who usually can't wait to shop with gift cards!), and was still so indecisive about what to get....do i get the new paolo nutini album...maybe something from muse....or how about the new (sorta) killers album. oh crap, but what about the dustin kensrue album...or wait, i forgot about the new snow patrol...ahhhhh!

thankfully, today i hit the music jackpot! my friend phil set me up on his ftp site, and bam, angelina has a whole lot of music she's been wanting for a very long time! now i know exactly what to buy from iTunes! yay!!

so the rest of the day was pretty awesome as well....let's just go for the highlights:

1. got the kids to school on time (which i was quite worried about)
2. fun times at south coast plaza with the younger boys
3. getting the house clean while the boys were down (it was a disaster before!)
4. gelato with all the kids (the only thing that beats gelato on a warm day is gelato with 4 awesome kids!)
5. the awesomest dance party in the history of dance parties!!!! i have got to figure out how to get my videos off my phone and onto my computer so that people can laugh with me!

i feel a stye coming on. the doctors swear that it has nothing to do with lack of sleep, but i'm telling you....i didn't sleep much last night, and now i feel it. it's definitely on it's way. yuck!

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