we're still here.

i've realized that i'm terrible at documenting our family life. i'm not a scrapbooker. i don't take a lot of pictures, and apparently, i can't get in a rhythm with blogging. the good thing is, alex is great at getting pictures of micah. we may not have many family pictures from all of the fun things we do, but little man's life is well documented. oh, and if you have instagram you should definitely be following him :)

anyway, micah is almost 2.5 and he's amazing. he's definitely not the kid i imagined having when i was pregnant with him. he's not cuddly and i totally am. he doesn't like to read anything except Goodnight Moon, and i love so many different kids books (ive had a library of kids books in the garage since college). he loves to be outside, and i love to be inside. he's a total extrovert and needs to be around other people while i am totally content to be home alone for days on end. sigh.

i don't know what made me think that i wanted or needed a carbon copy of myself, but i did. now, i can't imagine my life any other way. i love that God gave me this little person who challenges me and pushes me outside of my comfort zone. just by being his awesome self, i am pushed and stretched in good and really healthy ways.

at nearly 2.5, micah is still a ball of energy. he is confident, and outgoing. he loves people and talks about everyone we know ALL THE TIME. oh, the talking. it's so good. i love knowing what he is thinking and helping him verbalize emotions. the whole talking thing is SO helpful. he loves to sing and dance, and he finally likes church! well, he's always liked church, he just now likes his classroom :)

my favorite thing about this age is how much his tender side comes through. he's a rough and tumble boy who has such a sweet heart. my prayer is that we can help him know how special that is and how he can use that to help and encourage others. just the other day, i was upset about something and i started crying. i was sitting on the couch and he was playing pretty close to me. when he noticed that i was crying, he said, "mama cwying...mama need nie nies (blankies)." he then went to his room and brought me all of his nie nies. way to get to my heart kid. in that moment, he saw that i was sad and tried to comfort me with what brings him comfort. just kill me, it's too good!

so that's a glimpse into our life right now. there is so much good, i am overflowing with joy. it's a great place to be and a great thing to document for once ;)