another step...

Today Alex and I started Premarital Counseling at RH. It was a great class! Roger Tirabassi and his team are fabulous! There are 200 people in the class with us...I guess that's what happens when your church is a lot of college students and single people! Anyway, we are really excited...i know Alex is definitely looked forward to learning how to express his feelings (ha!)!


reception site in place...

After getting hooked up on the wedding site, we had a chat with the Pavone's
and we're going to squeeze in the sweet backyard! we're sorry to say that it will not be
a pool party.hehe!


back pain sucks

For the past week, Alex has had the WORST back pain. It's kept him out of work...and even kept me out of work a little! We've watched enough movies and TV to last a month, and for anyone who knows Alex, he's very anxious to be moving around again! If you have a minute, please pray!!


The Wedding site!

we did it! we set the date for our wedding (May 30, 2008) and found the perfect ceremony site...it overlooks the beach in Carlsbad and we couldn't be happier. here's a sneak peak...

more pictures...

Here are some more pics from our engagement...I haven't seen Michelle yet, so I don't have all of them, but I found a few on her facebook!

This is the whole Family Ministry Team wearing the most amazing sweaters ever!!...this is right before alex's toast...

I think these ones speak for themselves: