pre-christmas fun

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better late than never.

alex recently finished micah's first year recap video. to be fair, i didn't ask for him to do it until after micah's birthday, so it wasn't all his fault that it took until micah's half birthday to get it done ;)

i cry every time i watch it. i love it so so much and i love that we have it now. micah loves to watch it and point out his family and friends! just a warning, it's LONG!

Micah's first year from Alexander T. Pavone on Vimeo.


happy half birthday little man.

happy half birthday (yesterday) to my favorite little guy! i can't believe we're already here! look for an update post about all that this busy guy is up to...but not today, i'm late for work!


micah and ryder.

micah and ryder are only 5 weeks apart. they are little buddies, and so much fun to watch. they couldn't be any more different which only makes it more fun to watch the two of them together. alex put a video together of the little guys last Sunday at a progressive dinner that we did. There were pictures taken for the next Faith Community HomeFront Monthly, and it was a fun night all around.


decorating fun.

i've been having so much fun making things for our house. with halloween behind us and thanksgiving on the horizon, i had fun taking down the halloween decorations and putting up the thanksgiving things i made. the only halloween thing that was different this year than last year's "boo" banner was the candy corn i made...again via pinterest. i don't have a pic of mine, but they look pretty much exactly the same as the ones in the pin :) here's a look at the thanksgiving decor up in our house...it's only two things, but it makes our home feel so festive.

thankful tree :: via pinterest

i don't have a specific pin to thank for this, just was inspired by all of the awesome burlap banners!
i am now super excited to start working on christmas...both decor and presents! i am proud to say that i have already purchased several gifts, and i'm excited to actually have time to make some gifts this year too! it's amazing what happens when you start planning in september :)

a day in the life.

inspired by this post, alex decided to document a day in his life. it was funny to watch him set up each shot, but the outcome is pretty cool. check it out ::


one last halloween post.

i made micah a lined bag for trick or treating. i found the tutorial via pinterest and changed it up to add his first initial instead of the candy corn. i love it, and micah liked carrying it around. total win!
one of the seams started coming apart, and i even learned how to make invisible seams to fix it up! it was a fun project, and helped me learn a little more about sewing.

happy halloween.

l to r:: foofa, muno, plex, and dj lance rock!
halloween was such a fun day! our RH offices are moving, and monday was the big move day and they asked that no one be in the building(s), so i ended up having it off! i woke up before my boys and made pumpkin shaped pumpkin pancakes for them. it's rare to have a hot breakfast right when you wake up in this house so we all felt pretty awesome having that!

we just hung out at home most of the day and then after dinner, we met up with some of my cousins and their kids for trick or treating. it was the first time trick or treating with micah. it was so much fun watching him go up to each house. he didn't like the idea of leaving each house so quickly though. my little social guy wanted a little more interaction or something :)

as for costumes, we wanted to do something as a family (i'm ALL about coordinating costumes), and i wanted it to be something that he would recognize so naturally we landed with his fav...yo gabba gabba (or as micah likes to call it, yay-yay). my brother joined in on the yay-yay party! all in all we had a super fun day and i am already thinking of costumes for next year!