micah's many faces

Micah is getting SO big (in my eyes at least!) and we are loving the many funny and cute faces he makes...we are also LOVING his smile! Here are some of his faces ::


happy father's day!

Today, we're celebrating all of the amazing fathers in our lives. We are especially excited to celebrate Alex on his first father's day. I can't imagine a better daddy for Micah, and I can't wait to see their father-son bond grow as Micah grows! Happy Father's day Alex!


happy birthday!!

June 19th is a big day in our families...we celebrate three birthdays!! happy birthday to alex's mom, Karen...my dad, Rene...and our neice Sophia!


one month old

It's hard to believe that our little guy is a month old. He brings so much joy to our home, and I can't imagine life without him. We still look at him in amazement and feel so blessed to be his mommy and daddy.

He loves to eat...often! He is getting bigger by the minute. We can barely keep up with trying to guess how many ounces to feed him...there's no easy way to guess how much he needs since we're bottle feeding breast milk. We love how chubby his little cheeks are getting!

I am loving every day that I get to spend at home with him. We have a good little routine established, and it seems to make both of us happy :) Most days it's pretty easy going, and I try to get out of the house once a day even if it's just to go for a little walk. We always love when Alex gets home...having all of us together is the best.

We look forward to what each new day brings for our little family!


home alone

Today is our second day home alone. We are so thankful for the 3 weeks we got to spend home as a family, and were definitely sad to see Alex go to work yesterday! i was going to try to be a little more productive yesterday (finish thank you notes...shop for a few things at target...get some photos ordered...) but then reality set in, and I wasn't actually able to cross anything off the list! Between feeding, changing, pumping, and washing supplies for feeding and pumping, that was my whole day! Day 1 flew by, and day 2 is doing the same! Micah has been pretty easy and I am thankful for that! Today I tried out both the Moby wrap, and the Baby Bjorn, and the little guy likes them both! Using them will definitely free me up some more!

Tomorrow we will attempt our first outing...lunch with the girls, and hopefully visiting a friend and her new baby!



I meant to post some pics of Micah's finished room before he arrived, however little man was 8 days early and some things just didn't happen! We finished his room just a few days before he arrived, and I'm so thankful we were able to get it all done! I know we would have been fine had we not made a room especially for him, however, I have found that we spend SO much time in his room. Between rocking him, changing him, pumping for him, and folding/sorting laundry for him, we spend a ton of time in there, and it might just be me, but having a room that is inviting makes it a lot nicer to be in there so much!