today is...

...our one month anniversary! It's definitely been a busy month, and with VBS right around the corner, we know it's not going to slow down until....well....maybe after Christmas!! Even in all the business we are loving being married!

We've been housesitting a lot...and this past weekend we had two of the sweetest preschoolers you'll ever meet which was super fun. We also had a visit with Maliah and Sophia. These are Alex's two favorite pictures from that night


we love baby sophia!

life is good.

Thursday, Alex and I took Maliah to Disneyland all day while everyone else was at the hospital. It had already been planned before Celeste went into labor so it actually worked out that we had Maliah all day. We had fun even though it was at least 95 degrees or hotter ALL day long!


welcome to the world baby sophia!

Yesterday, Sophia Angelina Lopez was born! She is 6 lbs. 13 oz., and perfect! Alex and I are excited to meet her today...we had Maliah at Disneyland all day yesterday while everyone was at the hospital so today is the day we meet the little one! Today is also the day that we will have a picture of her!


hawaii is awesome and so was our honeymoon

we're totally married

alex and i are back in California and getting back into the swing of things! we are still sorting through all of the pics from the wedding, but here are a few of our favorites ::

we took some photos from other people's sites, and hope to have some of the actual pics from the photographer up soon! we had a great day, and appreciate ALL of the help and support that we received. We definitely left feeling very loved! We had a great honeymoon and are loving being married!