two fun alex pics...

Alex has been working part time this week, and has needed to dress up. I love seeing him dressed up everyday, however he doesn't exactly feel the same way! Here's a sweet pic of the working man::

And here's his choice of attire!!


Disneyland Fun

Last night, Alex, Kathy, Ashley and I headed off to Disneyland for a night of fun! We headed straight to Tower of Terror, and followed up with California Screamin' and the new Toy Story Mania ride. All three are awesome! The new ride is similar to Buzz Lightyear only 100 times better because it's in 3-D!! We had a great view of the fireworks from Paradise Pier. It was beautiful! Of course anytime we're actually in Disneyland, we have obstructed views and millions of people, but from all the way in California Adventure we had a perfect view! Here are some fun photos from the night::


A few weeks ago, Alex made a birth announcement for our niece Sophia. He took the pictures, made the card, and then my sis printed them at Snapfish.

I totally forgot to post it earlier, but hey, better late than never, right?

So...if you know anyone in need of a sweet announcement, send them his way!

btw...isn't her hair AMAZING??


morning conversation in the Pavone home...

(while watching Olympic basketball)

Alex: Lebron is such a cool name

Ang: Not really

Alex: What if my name was Lebron? Wouldn't I be awesome?

Ang: No. I probably wouldn't have married you because I would have thought your parents were crazy for naming a white kid Lebron.

Alex: Okay can we name one of our future dudes Lebron James Pavone?

Ang: No.

Alex: How about if we have four dudes? Can we name the last one Lebron James Pavone? Think about it, how cool would it be to say c'mon over here little LJ

Ang: No.

Alex: Think about it, what are the chances that we'll have four boys? You've gotta give me that one.

Ang: No. I thought we couldn't have four kids?

Alex: Yeah, we can.

Ang: Well we're not naming any of our children Lebron James. That's stupid.

Alex: It's a great idea. I'm going to blog about it.

Ang: Fine, it's going on the blog.

Yes, this is our breakfast conversation.

Arizona :: Land of Hot Dirt

Well, the title of this post is what we named Arizona while we were there! We left late last Wednesday and since we had the AC pumping the entire way, we didn't exactly realize that it was 95 degrees when we arrived! Our good friend Matt has a place there and some brand new Sea Doos that we were excited to ride...It was fun to get away for a couple of days and even better to have friends that have the same days off! Here are a couple of pictures of our trip (we don't have many because when we were on the water it was about 110 and we didn't want the camera to melt in the car!

Group shot::

Matt cooking his uncrustable on the 110 degree cement!

The drive to Havasu needed a snack stop!


food for thought

I saw this on Francis Chan's blog. It really spoke to me, seeing as how we're living on one income right now. It's been crazy to watch the ways in which God has provided for us, and such a faith builder to know that he may not be answering our prayers the way we thought he should, but he is answering and he is providing for us.


new love

We're in Havasu right now with our friends Matt and Stacy, but I've had this blog post sitting around for a while so I figured now is as good a time as any to put it up!

When Alex and I started dating, I started cooking dinner for us pretty regularly. At first, I really didn't know what I was doing and mostly cooked really easy things from Trader Joe's. Alex isn't picky (for the most part) and so that worked fine. The longer we were together, the more I experimented with my cooking, and realized that I actually enjoy it! I never would have thought that before, but the more I experiment with new recipes, the more comfortable I get (shocking, I know!). I have pretty much mastered most of the mexican favorites from my mom's kitchen. I must say, my spanish rice rivals hers! Crispy tacos, rice and beans is definitely Alex's favorite although I can't quite bring myself to make it very often since the shells are fried and my waistline definitely doesn't need that!

Since we just recently were married in May, the entire length of our marriage (all 2 months of it) have been during summer. Well normally that wouldn't mean so much except for the fact that if I cook for longer than oh 10-15 minutes, our house warms up to an unbearable temp. Sooo....I started looked for simple summer recipes. I tried Nicole's Taco Salad which was honestly the first time I've ever cooked beef...EVER! It was so yummy and Alex loved it and the leftovers! I also found a lot of simple, summer recipes (that beat the heat) in the latest Real Simple magazine. I've tried a few of the recipes and we especially liked the ravioli with zucchini and the pasta with peppers and mozzarella. yum!

Sooo...to help satisfy my new love....what favorite summer recipes do you have?


a FULL weekend...

This weekend, was packed full of family and friends (that feel like family!)!

Friday, we went to dinner and a movie with Alex's parents. It was fun to catch up and hear about their trip to Alaska.

Saturday, we were happy to celebrate Petey and Linsi's engagement. Peter and I have been friends for years. We met in Hawaii when we both worked for Surfing The Nations. Petey was our wedding photographer and we were excited to celebrate their upcoming marriage. They'll be getting married in Hawaii so it was fun to show our support now.

The rest of Saturday and all of Sunday, we helped out my sister with Sophia. It pretty much convinced Alex that he wants to wait a long, loooong time to have a baby!

That's pretty much all for the weekend. It sounds mellow, but we were both exhausted by the end!

Finally...here are the pics. Here's the happy couple
Alex and I:

Yay for amazing friends!