morning conversation in the Pavone home...

(while watching Olympic basketball)

Alex: Lebron is such a cool name

Ang: Not really

Alex: What if my name was Lebron? Wouldn't I be awesome?

Ang: No. I probably wouldn't have married you because I would have thought your parents were crazy for naming a white kid Lebron.

Alex: Okay can we name one of our future dudes Lebron James Pavone?

Ang: No.

Alex: How about if we have four dudes? Can we name the last one Lebron James Pavone? Think about it, how cool would it be to say c'mon over here little LJ

Ang: No.

Alex: Think about it, what are the chances that we'll have four boys? You've gotta give me that one.

Ang: No. I thought we couldn't have four kids?

Alex: Yeah, we can.

Ang: Well we're not naming any of our children Lebron James. That's stupid.

Alex: It's a great idea. I'm going to blog about it.

Ang: Fine, it's going on the blog.

Yes, this is our breakfast conversation.


nicole viola said...

oh geez. Alex & David are like 2 peas in a pod. Only David want to name one of our kids after Lebron's kid (Bryce Maximus I think is the name). He's like, wouldn't Maximus Bennett be a tight name?). I just role my eyes.

nicole viola said...

wow, there were a lot of typos in that last comment. Sorry about that! :P

angelina said...

Alex totally knew that would be your response! He also says "I love David."


Yaya and Papa said...

Funny conversation. Actually when I saw the title of the post I was thinking it must be about a conversation at our house--since I forgot you guys are also a "Pavone Household!"

Doesn't Alex want to carry on the family name, his middle name, named after his maternal Norwegian great grandfather: Taule (pronounced ta[short "a" sound]-lee, for those who aren't familiar)--now that is a "tight" name, despite the fact that I tried to google it since I don't know what it means and couldn't find it listed on any Norwegian boys names list-I only found that it is the name of a city in Norway!!!

Bennettar said...

You females are so boring. Lebron James and Maximus are such tight names! Alex, I am starting a petition to name all sons with these tight names.