Arizona :: Land of Hot Dirt

Well, the title of this post is what we named Arizona while we were there! We left late last Wednesday and since we had the AC pumping the entire way, we didn't exactly realize that it was 95 degrees when we arrived! Our good friend Matt has a place there and some brand new Sea Doos that we were excited to ride...It was fun to get away for a couple of days and even better to have friends that have the same days off! Here are a couple of pictures of our trip (we don't have many because when we were on the water it was about 110 and we didn't want the camera to melt in the car!

Group shot::

Matt cooking his uncrustable on the 110 degree cement!

The drive to Havasu needed a snack stop!

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Bennettar said...

What kind of baller car did you guys take out there?