Meguiar's product review (2)

. DA Polisher . SwirlX . Tech Wax 2.0 . Trim Detailer .
I used a DA (dual action) Polisher on the Civic and it was amazing! Once you have used a polisher or buffer you'll never go back to doing things by hand. Not only does it take almost every bit of the hard work out but it allows an you to provide even coat of what is going on the surface in half of the time. Great thing is that you can use them for swirl removal, ultimate compound, polishing and waxing.

After applying a rubbing compound to the surface by hand I knew the finish needed more done. I could still see some light swirls and feel some tiny bumps on the finish. This is where SwilrX came in. It is slightly stronger than the compound that I used and is designed also to eliminate swirl marks cause by wash and drying with the wrong materials.

Next was the deep gloss shine and protection layer of Tech Wax 2.0. This wax provides the rich colors of dark colored cars to put out with the polish and provides great protection with synthetic wax. The shine and reflection that these two provided for the ride were unbelievable. Both the SwirlX and Tech Wax were extremely easy to apply with the DA Polisher and were able to be done in about an hour.

To finish the details off I used the Gold Class Trim Detailer. This works amazing on all those black plastic parts. Even when the car is completely detailed these areas can be the biggest eye sores because they never look the way they did originally. This works a great to rejuvenate those spots.


NO way!!

For anyone that has ever had one you know how awesome they are. At our local grocery store last night I happen to stumble upon these wonderful delights of heaven. I present... the classic It's-it.

Not only are these the best ice cream sandwich on the planet but they take me back some 10-15 years to when I first had one (in the same exact packaging). One of the best parts of our summer vacations was taking ice cream breaks from the 100 degree weather in Northern California. I'm pretty sure my sister and I thought these were the bee's knees as far as ice cream goes. Actually I think right after I caught these fish I went to get an It's-it from the store.

Bottom line, if you see these in your local grocery store frozen section pick a box up and enjoy!
aren't my pants AMAZING??!!


Basball in 2009

2009 was a great year for baseball. I think I hit the most games in one regular season at eight games. Unfortuately, the Padres finished in third in their division with a 88 - 74 record. I guess that is an improvement from last season’s 99 losses though. Hopefully they will have a stronger season in 2010. Living in southern California we have the great advantage of being able to see three teams with an hour or two of driving. Even though I’m a Padre fan at heart, it’s nice to live 15 minutes from an AL team (Angels) that I can root for. I’m pulling for them in the Playoffs! (even thought Ang is rooting for the Yanks)

May 1, 2009 - Padres @ Dodgers.
We were totally famous that night making the kiss cam! Along with the Bennetts, Andersons, and Kit we got watch a slow long game that Dodgers ended up winning in the ninth by one run. We did get to catch some batting practice from the field just outside the center field wall which was pretty cool.

May 8, 2009 - Royals @ Angles.
Had a great view from the first base sideline just about to the flag poll field level. Kit and I went with a friend from church who got some free tickets. We got to see a really exciting game, a Halo victory, a little Big Bang Friday action(fireworks), and I think saw about ten Royals fans.

June 5, 2009 - Phillies @ Padres.
Ahh, Petco Park. Not just the home of the Padres but an amazing stadium. My dad went in on a half season with a friend got to go to ten home games with an awesome view. We were his company that night and even though the Padres lost, it was a lot of fun

June 14, 2009 - Padres @ Angels.
Interleague play. Although the Padres were down 2 - 0 in the series, I felt they would at least win the game I went to. Not exactly. They lost pretty bad, had multiple errors and ended up getting swept in the series. Had great seats though with Corey and Jake.

July 3, 2009 - Dodgers @ Padres.
We spent the day with the Bennetts in SD to go on a tour of Petco Park in the morning which was sweet! Got to see the return of Manny from his suspension(which Gigi was happy about), got seats with free food and had an awesome view of some Friday Friarworks!

September 28, 2009 - Rangers @ Angels.
Picked up some awesome seats in center field second row back hoping to sit right behind Josh Hamilton. That didn’t happen due to him being injured again. I did get to see him slug six in row to the left field seats in BP and the Angels clinch the AL West over the Rangers. Exciting game.

October 2, 2009 - Giants @ Padres.
Sitting in the Pavone sweet seats again, I got a great view of the major loss the Padres suffered that night. They let 6 runs in the sixth inning! Before that they were playing great and it looked like they were gonna beat the NL west competition. Ate some good foodthough.

I also went to a Yankees / Angels game and a Diamondbacks / Dodgers game.



the proof is in the slippers...you know it's fall when we both are in fuzzy slippers!


fall has arrived!

Around here, the consensus is that Fall should start the first week of September. We LOVE fall. We love the cooler weather, and all that it brings with it. Unfortunately for us, Summer usually
lasts well into October! It has finally cooled down this week (even though the forecast shows warm temps this weekend) and we are enjoying it to the fullest!

Alex and I had our first full day off together on Monday and were able to start to enjoy the cool weather! We started with a great breakfast and then we grabbed a couple of things at Michael's and went home. We spent the whole day watching movies, and working on a few projects around the house. A perfectly relaxing day together! In the end we ended up with a painted mirror for our bedroom, and our fall decorations complete!

Here's our mirror ::

I made this paper leaf wreath using a kit from the Paper Source ::

And here are some paper gourds I made by copying on the of Paper Source kits...I pretty much cut the price to 1/4 of the price of the kit!