fall has arrived!

Around here, the consensus is that Fall should start the first week of September. We LOVE fall. We love the cooler weather, and all that it brings with it. Unfortunately for us, Summer usually
lasts well into October! It has finally cooled down this week (even though the forecast shows warm temps this weekend) and we are enjoying it to the fullest!

Alex and I had our first full day off together on Monday and were able to start to enjoy the cool weather! We started with a great breakfast and then we grabbed a couple of things at Michael's and went home. We spent the whole day watching movies, and working on a few projects around the house. A perfectly relaxing day together! In the end we ended up with a painted mirror for our bedroom, and our fall decorations complete!

Here's our mirror ::

I made this paper leaf wreath using a kit from the Paper Source ::

And here are some paper gourds I made by copying on the of Paper Source kits...I pretty much cut the price to 1/4 of the price of the kit!

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