NO way!!

For anyone that has ever had one you know how awesome they are. At our local grocery store last night I happen to stumble upon these wonderful delights of heaven. I present... the classic It's-it.

Not only are these the best ice cream sandwich on the planet but they take me back some 10-15 years to when I first had one (in the same exact packaging). One of the best parts of our summer vacations was taking ice cream breaks from the 100 degree weather in Northern California. I'm pretty sure my sister and I thought these were the bee's knees as far as ice cream goes. Actually I think right after I caught these fish I went to get an It's-it from the store.

Bottom line, if you see these in your local grocery store frozen section pick a box up and enjoy!
aren't my pants AMAZING??!!


nicole viola said...

as soon as I saw that photo my initial response was the same as yours... "NOOOO WAAAY!!!!!" really? they are at the grocery store? lemme grab my keys.
p.s. sweet photo of you.

Yaya and Papa said...

AHHHHH!! My cute little boy!!