the soundtrack of the season

right now, things are nothing less than insane. i'm pretty sure that we'll be slowing down at least a little in the very near future, but in the midst of the crazy there has been one album that has been on repeat and has helped me keep my sanity. i'm pretty sure that 20 years from now when i hear any song on this album, it's going to take me right back to this season. the album is Hillsong's, Faith + Hope + Love

if you haven't heard it, we highly recommend that you listen to "We the Redeemed," "It's Your Love," and "I will exalt You." Here's a video of "I will exalt you." (it has a long intro, but don't let that scare you away!)


Meguiar's product review (1)

.The Headlight Restoration Kit.
After hearing great things and experiencing great results, I am a firm believer in the Meguiar's The Headlight Restoration Kit. Angelina and I both have cars over eleven years old so as you can imagine they don't exactly look very new. Learning about Meguiar's awesome line of car care products over the last couple of weeks has really sparked my inner car care personality. Although this is not a piece of the five part car care system to show car perfection, it is a great product to use for us old car owners.

The kit comes with a soft br
issel drill bit, a small bottle of PlastX, and a microfiber towel. For those of you who have old oxidized, yellow, cloudy headlights this does an amazing job. PlastX is a abrasive car care product that eliminates almost all problems with old factory headlights. Using the kit on my Malibu made a small difference, while using the kit on Angelina's '97 Civic did wonders!


it's been a while...

we've totally been m.i.a

the past few weeks, we've been getting ready for the fall launch of new rooms, with a new curriculum for my younger threes and upgrades in all the classrooms. it's been completely crazy, and september isn't looking any more calm! The upside is that we love it! We love the families we see each weekend, seeing the kids respond in new ways all the time, and the amazing volunteers we get to serve alongside....and one of the best parts is that we get to do it together!

Fall is always busy around here. We are currently lacking nearly 200 volunteers...it's nutty, but I know that God is going to show up. The funny thing is that this time i'm not sure how He's going to provide or lead us. I have a sneaking suspicion that He's not going to drop 200 applications in our laps, so I know we're in for an adventure!

This is a boring post with no pictures, but I do have some baking adventures to show you very soon :)