hot, hot and hot!

It's 84 degrees in north tustin right now...alex is currently installing our brand new room air conditioner, and I am dying of heat! We are very excited that we had received some money as an early wedding present and were able to get a sweet little A/C unit at home depot! I can't wait for it to be working!!


two weeks!!!

Today marks two weeks until the big day!

There are still a LOT of things to do, but the biggest cause of stress is actually the moving piece...thankfully alex is pretty much done with school as of this week and will have more free time to help! But when it comes down to it, I'm just excited to be married to him! but really, who wouldn't want to marry this ::


happy birthday emma!

This weekend, little Emma Platt turned one! Alex and I were happy to be a part of Emma's special day, and see all of our friends from Revolution. Emma was also dedicated at her party which was awesome to be a part of. Here are a couple of my favorite photos that alex took (you can find the rest at alex's flickr site)

(Beth Hutton took the picture that alex took a picture of)


oh the craziness...

life is one big wonderful mess of crazy right now! as the big day is getting closer, excitement is growing and so is the to-do list! I thought that i'd be making a dent in it at least, but it seems that the more I do, the more I need to do! But, I'm having fun and soon alex will be done with school work which will be GREAT!

in other news of craziness, my best friend (and maid of honor) Kristin messaged me today...she's no longer in South Africa, she's in Sri Lanka! Just in case you were wondering, those are about 5,000 miles apart! Then she's back to Hawaii where she lives (about 8,000 miles from Sri Lanka to Hawaii) then she flies to Watts (another 2500 miles) to do ministry, THEN she'll be in Orange County with me getting ready for the wedding!! So basically she's still got about 16000 miles before she's here! now THAT is crazy!


The last couple of weeks, Stacy and I have been meeting in the 5th grade classroom at 8am for pilates! Kathy and Ashley have both come once, but mainly it's just Stacy and I. It's been really fun, and we're already feeling stronger! It's super fun, and although we're both pretty tired during the day, it's totally a great way to start the day. Hopefully we'll be able to keep this up through the summer...minus the honeymoon of course!

Speaking of honeymoon and wedding...we have less than a month to go! We have definitely hit the point where we are busy 100% of the time...not that we weren't already busy 98% of the time....We've started all of the buying, and prepping...alex really likes cutting ribbon for the favors...well, actually he totally hates it! We're meeting with Michael tonight to plan the ceremony, so that's exciting...so many fun things happening!!