oh the craziness...

life is one big wonderful mess of crazy right now! as the big day is getting closer, excitement is growing and so is the to-do list! I thought that i'd be making a dent in it at least, but it seems that the more I do, the more I need to do! But, I'm having fun and soon alex will be done with school work which will be GREAT!

in other news of craziness, my best friend (and maid of honor) Kristin messaged me today...she's no longer in South Africa, she's in Sri Lanka! Just in case you were wondering, those are about 5,000 miles apart! Then she's back to Hawaii where she lives (about 8,000 miles from Sri Lanka to Hawaii) then she flies to Watts (another 2500 miles) to do ministry, THEN she'll be in Orange County with me getting ready for the wedding!! So basically she's still got about 16000 miles before she's here! now THAT is crazy!

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