The last couple of weeks, Stacy and I have been meeting in the 5th grade classroom at 8am for pilates! Kathy and Ashley have both come once, but mainly it's just Stacy and I. It's been really fun, and we're already feeling stronger! It's super fun, and although we're both pretty tired during the day, it's totally a great way to start the day. Hopefully we'll be able to keep this up through the summer...minus the honeymoon of course!

Speaking of honeymoon and wedding...we have less than a month to go! We have definitely hit the point where we are busy 100% of the time...not that we weren't already busy 98% of the time....We've started all of the buying, and prepping...alex really likes cutting ribbon for the favors...well, actually he totally hates it! We're meeting with Michael tonight to plan the ceremony, so that's exciting...so many fun things happening!!

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