seth: seven months

oh my boy, what a month is has been! we celebrated your first christmas, and you were a champ staying at yaya and papa's! i mean, look at that smile!! it really doesn't get any cuter than that! you are still the happiest and sweetest baby...i'm starting to think that's just who you are! you are definitely starting to assert yourself and let us know when you're not happy, but it's still so darn cute because you really didn't cry for the first 6 months of your life. it had to end some time, right? You sit up pretty well, but mama is still nervous to leave you on your own...you may or may not have fallen over on the hardwood floor. Let's just say we now surround you with pillows to be safe!

you're on the move! you army crawl exactly how your brother did, and it is just so cute! you get so excited to scoot around and be able to get things! you're still pretty slow, but it won't be long before you're everywhere! no more teeth yet, but you now love food and eat solids twice a day! you've tried so many types of baby food and love all of it! you love flavor so we add cinnamon and other spices to your food and you gobble it up! 

seth, i can't imagine our lives without you. your brother isn't the nicest to you all the time, but he loves you just like we do! happy 7 months little man!