jenny is my sugar mama.

today has been a great day! i went shopping with jenny at south coast plaza. the only hitch was that when i arrived at her house i realized that i didn't have my credit card, debit card, or license! what the heck. i now have no idea where they could be as i've already looked in all of my purses and stuff from this weekend. oy! i guess i have to take apart my entire room looking for them. i know they're together, so i'm hoping it wont take long to find them! so jenny was awesome and let me buy the stuff that i wanted and i will just pay her back when i find them. So the shopping....i got an armband for my ipod, and let me tell you, cute was definitely not an option when you're trying to strap a 30gb ipod to your arm! so it's kind of ugly, but functional and definitely not the ugliest one so i guess that's okay.i did use my sephora gift card to get some bare minerals stuff, and got the most amazing valentines and notecards from the Paper Source which is now my newest favorite store. I think that's all I got, not too bad on the spending. oh and we had lunch at Champagne French Bakery. it was so yummy, and the best part was the strawberry tart for dessert. yes people, i am having a great day!


thank you Riviera!

So last night, my friend lisa took me out to an amazing dinner at The Farm of Beverly Hills. WOW. this is what we feasted on:

Assorted Cheese Plate from Around the World
(Chef's Choice)

The Farm Steak
Crusted with Blue Cheese, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Sautéed Broccolini, and a Merlot Sauce

how wonderful does that look? and the best part you ask....well the best part was that it was all free! YAY!


watch this.

i'm pretty much a genius.

genius might be a stretch, but i was pretty proud of myself today when i figured out how to connect jeannie's computer to the printer. this may sound like a simple task for most people, but let me tell you, when you have only worked on a Mac, and you're trying to do something more than the basics on a PC, it's a big deal.

jeannie says their hiring for the Geek Squad....i wonder how much they pay??


oh no....

i just realized that when i put a comment up on jamie's blog, it totally put a link up to this blog page. so much for something being "secret" on the internet! the "secret" only lasted for 2 posts! oh well...


jack bauer rocks my world.

seriously the obsession continues. i love this show, and this character so much. because i was in hawaii during the last season of 24, i couldn't watch it (not because i was living in the state of hawaii, but because it was a rule...no tv!)! tragedy i know! but thanks to justin, i got season 5 on dvd for christmas! so after my big love kick, i jumped back into the world of ctu and jack bauer. i started sunday night, and finished thursday night...and i didn't even watch any episodes on tuesday! i was dedicated to the cause of finishing before season 6 starts on Sunday! can i just say that the costume people of season 5 are freakin fantastic! jack was outfitted better than ever...super cute jeans, rad shirt, great hoodie, and even an amazing murse! wow, i really can't wait for even more jack.

It's reunion time people!! I haven't seen Kristin since October, and Tessa since April....that means it's almost been a year since i've seen tessa!! what the heck is that all about?! i guess that's what happens when one of us is on the east coast, one on the west coast, and one's in Hawaii (or Sri Lanka, or Thailand, or Bangladesh, or....you get the picture!) well, anyways it looks like the reuinion will be taking place sometime towards the end of march, and that is EXCITING to say the least!! ahhhh i can't wait!


so this is it.

I am a traitor. i should be blogging on harrysin.com, but no one has blogged in forever, and i also don't know when it will be gone! so here i am selling out to blogger. i guess it happens.

this has been such an interesting weekend....a fun weekend, but an interesting one!

let's see, i came over here (to the schmidts house) Friday morning, and spent the day with the kiddos. We had fun playing together...and they were soooooo good! They usually are good for me, but it is strange when ALL 4 (Kendall(8), Cameron(6), Carson(3.5), Preston(1.5)) kids are so well behaved. Then we went to bed....and around 5:45 i heard LOUD screaming. uh oh. i stumbled out of bed and down the hall to Preston's room, and as soon as i opened the door, i could smell what the problem was. sure enough, i turned the light on and saw the damage. there was poop everywhere. luckily it was contained in his crib, but it was on all his blankets, soaked through his clothes and even on his pacifiers....yuck! so there i am bathing him at 6am, doing laundry so that his stuff wouldnt be ruined, and trying to get him back to sleep. Poor guy, he was falling asleep in the tub! so i get everything all cleaned up and around 6:30 P.K. and i go back to sleep...this time he slept with me. the next morning was pretty normal....or so i thought.

after breakfast, the boys went into the garage to play, and kendall was playing in the playroom. all of a sudden there was a loud bang coming from the front yard, i wasn't sure what it was, and wasn't too concerned until kendall came running into the kitchen in tears and said that a bird had flown into the front window! she said she thought it was dead. great. i walked into the playroom and saw that there was an outline on the front window of a bird with its wings spread, and bird juice on the window. so gross...and sad. i didn't see the bird anywhere on the front porch, until i actually went outside and saw the poor thing laying on the other side of the porch, far away from where it had hit the window. there was a small pool of blood, and feathers everywhere. of course, being the girly girl that i am, i did not want to pick that thing up. i even called my dad at work to see if he would come over and do it for me. he didn't answer, so i called brady and he told me how to get rid of it. it took me a while to get up the courage to actually touch the thing, even with 3 plastic bags! i finally did it and felt really sad for the bird and couldn't believe how my day was going!

P.K. ended up with a fever that night, and the poor guy was pretty out of it all day today. he was so snuggly and sweet, but needing lots of attention, which is hard with 4 kids. i've done overnights and weekends here before and usually they go off without a hitch, so i guess i can't complain when things go bad. i still loved being here, and love that brady and traci were able to get some alone time. they're on their way home now and i am ready to crash!