jenny is my sugar mama.

today has been a great day! i went shopping with jenny at south coast plaza. the only hitch was that when i arrived at her house i realized that i didn't have my credit card, debit card, or license! what the heck. i now have no idea where they could be as i've already looked in all of my purses and stuff from this weekend. oy! i guess i have to take apart my entire room looking for them. i know they're together, so i'm hoping it wont take long to find them! so jenny was awesome and let me buy the stuff that i wanted and i will just pay her back when i find them. So the shopping....i got an armband for my ipod, and let me tell you, cute was definitely not an option when you're trying to strap a 30gb ipod to your arm! so it's kind of ugly, but functional and definitely not the ugliest one so i guess that's okay.i did use my sephora gift card to get some bare minerals stuff, and got the most amazing valentines and notecards from the Paper Source which is now my newest favorite store. I think that's all I got, not too bad on the spending. oh and we had lunch at Champagne French Bakery. it was so yummy, and the best part was the strawberry tart for dessert. yes people, i am having a great day!

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dylsmom said...

I will be your sugar mamma any day. It was fun hanging out with you and eating yummy stuff and buying things I don't really need. Thanks for keeping the pregnant, sugar mamma company!