CPC 2011

(the RH & DCC crew)

CPC this year was awesome. I only attended one breakout and spent most of my time in the David C. Cook booth in the resource center. Being able to talk with other practitioners who are using Tru was great...as was talking with potential customers. The thing that I kept hearing over and over again was a sense of relief. People are tired. They are weary of the same old, and I feel so privileged to be on the team that gets to work on the Tru project. I also loved talking through the Spiritual Parenting philosophy with people. All in all it was an encouraging week and quite honestly was a great time to prepare for the next season of ministry....Easter and RH HB...


a day at the park.

okay so maybe it wasn't a day at the park, but it was at least 20 minutes ;) we took micah to the part to swing and slide, and he loved it of course. the only thing he was unsure of was the sand. that's my boy!


micah's favorites.

anytime we go anywhere (short outings included), i'm always thinking about snacks for my little guy. something that can tide him over until his next feeding of milk or solids and is portable is always good! He doesn't have many things that he doesn't like, but here are some of his favorites ::

Baby Mum-Mums are probably his #1 feed himself snack. They come individually wrapped with two rice rusks in each wrapper. micah loves to chomp on these and i love them because unlike the teething biscuits (that he also loves), they don't make a giant mess :) they are perfect for the shopping cart! these are fun little snacks that micah adores. he likes to pick them up himself (he's still mastering the pincer grasp) and can't get enough of them. we have to cut him off ;)

i think all babies love puffs. there's just something about them and i love the happy baby organic puffs because they are a little bigger and easier to grab for my guy, but his absolute favorite are these ::

the last thing actually surprised me. ella's kitchen makes these really cool pouches of fruit and veggie purees. they come with a twist off top that we actually squeeze right into micah's mouth if we're out and about! he doesn't really dig jarred baby food, but he loves the idea of squeezing it into his mouth and will finish a whole one in just a couple of minutes.

well, that's it for tonight...hope you found some new yummy snacks for your little one, or someone else's little one!


ten months.


today you are in the double digits! you are growing up quickly and we are loving every minute! i feel like compiling a list of all the changes is just so hard because everyday you are doing new things! you are constantly moving and are still very busy. you don't have time for things like sitting still! you've been carrying around mama's 2lb. weights and get really mad when you can't find them in their normal place! you walk pushing one of your toys with wheels, and you get really angry when you get stopped by something. we think it's cute and funny, but you definitely do not. you have also started standing unassisted for short periods of time (like just a couple of seconds). one of your top middle teeth popped in this week (the right one), and it looks like the left one will be coming in soon! we haven't changed over to your big boy carseat like i thought, but it's coming!

during the past month, mama and daddy each took short trips away and you did not like that very much! when mama came home from being away overnight, you stuck to her like glue for the entire next day! you would NOT let her out of your sights. when daddy got home from his trip, you had the biggest smile on your face. the funny thing was that he was with you on Saturday and Sunday, but when he got home from work on Monday, you wouldn't go to sleep so daddy had to let you keep his hat in your crib. As much as you are a busy guy and are pretty tough, you show us that you are very sweet and you love your mama and daddy VERY much!

you are eating lots of different foods...your recent favs were grilled tilapia and miso soup (not together).we haven't found anything that you don't like to eat, but you're still not eating large quantities of anything. as far as sleeping goes, we are in a much better place this month. we're still doing a dream feed because we're afraid of you waking up in the middle of the night, but right now you're sleeping 7-7 again with a dream feed thrown in. we'll take it! uninterrupted sleep is so good for all of us!

well little man, i can't wait to see what the next month holds...every day life just keeps getting better!

i love you,


just the two of us.

alex is away. he went to spring training in arizona with his family and we are missing him like crazy. we are excited for him to get home tomorrow. we've been having a great time together, and had even more fun when gongi was with us! here's what micah has been up to ::
having a snack.
out to dinner with mama and gongi.riding around sam's club acting too cool for school.

dinner time. decided he was SO over being fed by mama...had to do it himself.

as you can see, i can mainly snap pictures when he's strapped in to something...any other time, i'm making sure he doesn't seriously injure himself. this kid is fast, strong and smart. a deadly trio ;)

tomorrow we will welcome alex home and we just can't wait!!


big bear.

we spent the weekend in big bear with my parents and my sister and her family. it was a relaxing time (as relaxing as can be while chasing a very active baby), and we had tons of fun. it dumped snow all day Saturday and was beyond beautiful. as you will see in the pictures below, micah didn't exactly love the snow :) there were multiple times that my parents sent me back to bed and stayed up with micah...i'm a lucky girl!


alex got crafty.

i came home to this awesome banner last week. i love it, and it's still up.