micah's favorites.

anytime we go anywhere (short outings included), i'm always thinking about snacks for my little guy. something that can tide him over until his next feeding of milk or solids and is portable is always good! He doesn't have many things that he doesn't like, but here are some of his favorites ::

Baby Mum-Mums are probably his #1 feed himself snack. They come individually wrapped with two rice rusks in each wrapper. micah loves to chomp on these and i love them because unlike the teething biscuits (that he also loves), they don't make a giant mess :) they are perfect for the shopping cart! these are fun little snacks that micah adores. he likes to pick them up himself (he's still mastering the pincer grasp) and can't get enough of them. we have to cut him off ;)

i think all babies love puffs. there's just something about them and i love the happy baby organic puffs because they are a little bigger and easier to grab for my guy, but his absolute favorite are these ::

the last thing actually surprised me. ella's kitchen makes these really cool pouches of fruit and veggie purees. they come with a twist off top that we actually squeeze right into micah's mouth if we're out and about! he doesn't really dig jarred baby food, but he loves the idea of squeezing it into his mouth and will finish a whole one in just a couple of minutes.

well, that's it for tonight...hope you found some new yummy snacks for your little one, or someone else's little one!

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