just the two of us.

alex is away. he went to spring training in arizona with his family and we are missing him like crazy. we are excited for him to get home tomorrow. we've been having a great time together, and had even more fun when gongi was with us! here's what micah has been up to ::
having a snack.
out to dinner with mama and gongi.riding around sam's club acting too cool for school.

dinner time. decided he was SO over being fed by mama...had to do it himself.

as you can see, i can mainly snap pictures when he's strapped in to something...any other time, i'm making sure he doesn't seriously injure himself. this kid is fast, strong and smart. a deadly trio ;)

tomorrow we will welcome alex home and we just can't wait!!

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nicole aka gidget said...

his hair kills me!! love it!!

missed you guys this weekend!