starting over...

With our recent move to a new apartment, we're starting over on Micah's room. Alex had to take apart the crib and curtains and re-do everything here. It's been slow going since we've both been pretty busy, but here's stage one...paint on the walls, crib put together, and curtains hung.


micah loves his daddy

There's something incredibly amazing about watching Alex bond with the baby. He doesn't carry him like I do...he can't feel every movement like I can, but he takes time to talk to him and wait for the kicks and movements. Last night, the most precious thing happened. I was laying in bed watching tv and waiting for alex to come home from work. The baby hadn't been moving at all, and as soon as Alex walked in the room and started talking, micah started moving like crazy! Alex walked out of the room...micah was still. Alex walked back in and started talking again, and micah started having a dance party! It was pretty awesome to see him respond like that. Usually Alex is talking directly into my stomach so for Micah to be responding to his voice which couldn't have been that loud was incredible!


we. are. insane.

yup. we're crazy. c.r.a.z.y.

Remember when I was listing all of the craziness we have going on before Micah comes? How I leave for a conference early Monday morning? Oh and how Easter will be here before we know it...which means insanity for the next 4 weeks?! oh yah, we decided to move right before Easter.

The good news is that we are both 100% sure that this is the right move. We've known that our neighbors weren't the greatest, but Sunday night things took a turn and we both knew we needed to get out of here. So, we found a great place, Alex promised to do the vast majority of the packing and moving while I'm at work, and I am going to try to be excited and not stress out too much about all that has to happen before April 4th while I am getting bigger every single day! I must say, it's a great little place with a family downstairs and a very friendly landlord....oh, and a garage...and a dishwasher...and a washer and dryer...and more closets...and a patio....and, well, we feel blessed for all of the added amenities we will have for when the little guy arrives!

Here's hoping that I keep some sort of sanity through all of this!


our first baby shower

On Sunday, my amazing friends hosted Micah's first shower. I was SO excited for it, and I had an amazing time. I felt very loved and very spoiled. i don't know if it's fair for one girl to be surrounded by so many amazing women! Here are some pics of the fun ::

Here's the cute invite ::

The table set up....we had 5 different kinds of delicious salads...mmmm....

Megan (the same girl who made the cupcakes for our wedding) made the cutest cupcakes with animal cookies and leaves made of chocolate.
My mom and I ::
Lots of presents!

Micah will have shoes for every occasion...these are for when he's feeling preppy ::

The girls know that I'm not the biggest fan of games...especially baby shower games, so instead, they had craft time! People decorated blank bibs and onsies for Micah! They turned out so cute!

Now I just have to put away all of his loot!



I finally found the chocolate ribbon, so last night I was able to finish Micah's letters. I have to say, there are a lot of craft letters out there, but none compare to the ones from the Paper Source. The font is so cute and none of the letters are goofy sizes like the ones I've seen at Joann. Also, they weigh next to nothing so they're way more practical than the wood letters from Michael's. The reality is that I am in love with the Paper Source. I would buy everything there if it wasn't so dang expensive!

oh, and here's the latest belly shot....i'm getting bigger by the second!


updates to micah's room

We cleaned out Micah's room (for the most part) a while ago, and we've been working on simple projects around his room. We still need to buy our outdoor storage shed so that we can move out a lot of the boxes that we packed up and piled in his closet! We did get his curtains to block some of the light that comes in from the rear parking at our apartment. They are just basic chocolate brown...
We also got his crib and it was put together immediately when it was delivered :)
I've also started making some fun accent pieces for his room. We are converting an oversized nightstand to be a changing table...that's a project for Alex seeing as how we need it to be raised 7 inches! Because it has great storage in it for all things Micah, I decided to look for some baskets to hold things like diapers, wipes, washcloths, etc. I realized quickly that I am very picky (actually, I have always known that!) and also not willing to shell out a whole lot for baskets that are going to be hidden behind doors which left me with very little options. My mom had some extra storage bins laying around and offered them to me. I had an idea to cover them with paper and mod podge and they came out so cute! Now I'm bummed that they're going to be hidden! Here's a before and after of the bins....
I also used strips of paper to cover these plastic bins that we found at Target for super cheap. I didn't want to waste the space in the changing table!

Here's the last thing I've been working on...I have made these for some of our nieces and our friends' babies, and I knew I wanted them in Micah's room. True to the randomness of his room (all sorts of shades and patterns), I chose to do each letter in a different kind of paper. Every craft store in costa mesa is out of chocolate brown grosgrain 7/8" ribbon so they aren't finished quite yet.

So that's the update...I can't wait to keep adding to his room. Micah's Yaya (alex's mom) made his quilt, and his daddy is working on some fun prints for the walls and when those things come together we'll almost be done! It's hard to believe that in less than three months, we'll be bringing him home! We can't wait!