we. are. insane.

yup. we're crazy. c.r.a.z.y.

Remember when I was listing all of the craziness we have going on before Micah comes? How I leave for a conference early Monday morning? Oh and how Easter will be here before we know it...which means insanity for the next 4 weeks?! oh yah, we decided to move right before Easter.

The good news is that we are both 100% sure that this is the right move. We've known that our neighbors weren't the greatest, but Sunday night things took a turn and we both knew we needed to get out of here. So, we found a great place, Alex promised to do the vast majority of the packing and moving while I'm at work, and I am going to try to be excited and not stress out too much about all that has to happen before April 4th while I am getting bigger every single day! I must say, it's a great little place with a family downstairs and a very friendly landlord....oh, and a garage...and a dishwasher...and a washer and dryer...and more closets...and a patio....and, well, we feel blessed for all of the added amenities we will have for when the little guy arrives!

Here's hoping that I keep some sort of sanity through all of this!

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gina marie said...

we can't wait to see the new place! Let us know how we can help...
ps, isn't there a little bit of crazy in all pregnant women (or is it just me...)