the exciting adventures of the unemployed

So it has definitely been nice to have some free time to just have some fun. This week started off quite nicely with a shopping trip to South Coast Plaza with Jenny, and then kept getting better. Tuesday I went to the movies with Catherine, and saw Volver. I’m typically a big fan of the foreign films, and this was one was a good one. I thought it was pretty funny, and Penelope Cruz was awesome. And of course there was life group Tuesday night which was great as usual. So then Wednesday I had an interview, and that’s pretty much all I did that day! Thursday was probably the busiest day with lunch with Jeannie and Jenny, then shopping at Fashion Island with Cath, and then babysitting at night. Good times for all. I was super excited to get a $120 jacket for $30 at Anthropologie! Amazing! Friday I spent my morning with two of the cutest guys in the whole world….Carson and Preston! Those kids are so awesome, and we had a fun day playing in our blanket fort, digging in the sand at the park, and playing with playdough! I had so much fun…and got paid! What the heck, this is the freakin life. Yeah, I do have career goals and aspirations, but right now I’m pretty much loving life. Jenny put on a movie night, and had a great turn out. It was fun to see the kids with their families, and everyone seemed to have a great time!

My Saturday ended up being completely different than I thought. I was supposed to babysit tonight, but Traci cancelled so I literally had no plans. I slept in, and then had lunch with Roxeanne and Phil (who have become two of my favorite people on the planet!). I figured that was pretty much it for today, but I texted Lease and ended up on Balboa Island with her and her friend Chris. He’s not from California, and lives in LA so we figured we’d show him a little of the OC. After Del Taco, Balboa Bars, the Wedge, and the ferry, we were off to Goat Hill Tavern, and then the Gypsy den for a chai. Yummm. It turned out to be an amazing Saturday. Yay for new friends and the OC!!

Tomorrow it’s off to RH with Lease for the first time in forever. Yeah, this is pretty much the longest most boring blog ever, but I’m the only one who reads this and it makes me happy, so who cares?!

If I could figure out how to get pictures off my enV and onto my computer, I would love it, but I guess for now I’ll just have to be picture free. Sad.

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