think. think. think.

sometimes when you have waaaaay too much caffeine in one day you can't sleep, even though you are ridiculously tired and need to rest so that you can wake up at the crack of dawn. yup, that's where i'm at right now, where i am completely overanalyzing everything, and that usually makes for a really emo post. that's right peeps i'm bringing emo back.

so i've been thinking tonight about how multiple people that i would consider close friends have recently taken a view of my that i really don't like, and insinuating things about me that are completely untrue, and quite honestly things that would never cross my mind. so what i'm stuck on right now, is 1. are people just plain misreading me, or 2. am i not putting out the real me to even my closest friends. it's making me think that i'm doing something wrong, and maybe i am but it's hard to think about people close to you not REALLY knowing you. i get that not all of your friends are going to know every last thing about you, but i would like to think that those i confide in and do life with know my character. you see, i am pretty much okay with people thinking whatever they want to, unless i actually care about that person, then it's really painful to hear things that you would never think people would think about you because you would never do the things they think you would. hmmm....

yeah i realize that this is way vague and i'm being so analytical, but hey when you are coming down off of sugar and caffeine, what else are you supposed to do?

in other news, the countdown is at 8 days....and for tessa on the east coast, it's already down to 7 days! that's right, the reunion is coming and it's going to be good times


Steph said...

what the heck are you talking about here???

you think I'd be right, if I were to take a guess?

angelina said...

it's possible. i don't know what all i've told you.