for the love of Kean

so this morning i drove down to costa mesa to do some babysitting, and when i was done, i was driving up fairview and i thought, "hmmm, i'd really like one of those cookies from French's bakery that kimmie really likes." so i drive into the center with the bakery, get the cookies and think to myself "a chai sounds soooo good right now." thankfully diedrich's is in the same center, so i walk over, and to my suprise....DIED'S IS CLOSED....LIKE COMPLETELY GONE!!! now, i knew this was coming because stupid starbucks bought all the leases, but i absolutely did NOT know that they had already shut down! i was really really upset. i realize this sounds a little crazy, but we all know that i am a little crazy! so being the person i am, i refused to go to starbucks (right around the corner), and drove back further south to Kean. You see Martin Diedrich had left the corporate world, and started a coffee shop over on 17th and Irvine. I've been frequenting it more and more since i drive by everytime i go to RH, and i absolutely LOVE it. so yeah, i drove all the way down there out of principle, and enjoyed my non-fat iced chai with sugar free vanilla....YUM! So yeah, i am still sad that there is no more diedrich's, because there were so many memories and so many delicious chai's there, but it's time for the new season of 100% anti-starbucks, and 100% Kean!

and just as an fyi in case you are ever in the cm/newport area, there are also really yummy fresh treats, and the mayan spice hot cocoa is to die for....and i hear the coffee is amazing....see maybe that also makes me crazy for posting this because i don't do coffee....but i do TEA! oh yeah, and they are environmentaly friendly for all my green friends.

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