24 has ruined me.

i love 24, we all know it. we also know that when i like something, i pretty much become obsessive, but, i actually didn't watch last monday's episode until last night!! i ws very satisfied with the episode. i'm still a little leary of charles logan, and when i say little, i mean extremely. he did so much damage, i don't know if he can redeem himself, but we will soon see.

after 24, me and the girls went to the movies to see Breach. it was good. really good. the only problem is that because of 24, i kept waiting for another twist, and when it ended, i almost couldn't believe it. it's changed the way i watch suspenseful dramas forever...but i can't complain, i love my jack bauer.

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Jamie Petersen said...

AMEN! And I HEAR you on how it changes drama viewing. No movie is complete without someones finger...or arm....being cut off.