so, i have been getting so amped for bangladesh. i know it's like 8 months away, and i don't even know if i will be able to go, but hopefully by then i will get some time off. anyways, that's not really the point. the point is that i love this country. after i heard the girls on last years team talk about how crazy and insane it was, i wasn't sure why i wanted to go to bangladesh, but i knew that even with their intense stories, i had to go. I can actually remember the moment that i knew that i was being called to bangladesh. the guys from last year's team were sharing with our high schoolers and i knew. BAM! just like that i knew. it's one of the clearest things i've ever heard in my life. so....all that to say that i realize as much as i've talked about it, a picture says a thousand words, so here are some photos to tell the story....

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