mid-march resolutions

so i totally missed the boat with new year's resolutions. i have however been doing a little self-examination over the past couple of days, and realized a couple of things that i'd really like to change. so, i have 3 goals for myself:

1. use my time wisely...free time has gone from something i had an abundance of to something i need to cherish because it comes so seldom these days...with that, i've decided to greatly decrease on the amount of tv i watch. seriously, i think i'll try to keep it down to 24 and the hills...wow, that's a big step for me, but i think it will be worth it. maybe i will actually finish one of the 12 books i'm in the middle of....

2. i'm on a shopping fast...when kristin and tessa left, i decided to go on a shopping fast. the amount of money i spend on clothes, shoes, accessories, stationary, and so many other wonderful things is ridiculous! absolutely ridiculous. so, being that i spent an obscene amount of money over the past two weeks, i will not be shopping for anything for myself. i have a few gifts to buy, but other than that, it's neccessity only. this is definitely going to be the hardest one for me.

3. working out needs to be a priority...not because i want to lose weight, although what girl doesn't?...but more because i always feel so good after a nice run. and trust me, i'm not running fast, or for lond distance, but a great jog makes my life so much better...so yeah, i need to get on that.

so there you have it, these are my new goals for myself. i hope that i can stick with it. and the real reason i am putting these things on here is so that if you hear me talking about some random show, or my cute new shoes, you all can get on my case and hold me accountable!

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