they're here!!!

So Kristin and Tessa are both here now, and we had a wonderful day roaming around Laguna Beach. We're staying at Deb's on the island, and I am loving it!! today we had Pacific Whey, and Gelato Paradiso! We all know how i love both of those places!

so i FINALLY watched the series finale of The OC. i had tears in my eyes almost all the way through just knowing that it was the end of an era. then when it got to the end...full on tears running down my face. is it wrong to be so emotionally attached to characters on a tv show??

tomorrow is a disney day for anyone who wants to come meet the two most amazing girls!!


Will said...

omg. the oc SERIES finale is still on my TiVo. I still haven't watched it! wow. thanks for not including any spoilers in your post. I will definitely have to watch it this weekend.

See you Tuesday! "the last one" :(

I miss you.

Jamie Petersen said...

Gelato Paradiso...yuuuuum. I KNEW I liked you!!! :) See you Tuesday!!