apparently i am a big flat slacker in the blogging world. and apparently i've been found out...but i guess it's better to have someone reading, otherwise it's just talking to jenny, and i could just call!!

so it's been about 3 weeks since my last post, and life has completely changed!
i'm no longer unemployed, i'm the KidsROCK preschool associate @ ROCKHARBOR. It's only been a week, but i love it. it's been a crazy long journey with a ridiculously long story, but God is so faithful, and i wouldn't have had the journey any other way! so yeah, stoked to be starting a whole different phase in my life!

i am not however a huge fan of the drive everyday, so i'm looking for somewhere to live in the CM area. plus, we all know how much i love the OC!

my days have been pretty jam-packed with stuff recently. lots of stuff....and that's really fun. a whole lot of lunches and shopping with friends, and amazingly i haven't been spending a lot!

on the reunion front, in less than two weeks, two of my favorite people in the world will be here! yay!

okay Sara is awake now, so i get to go play!

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