jack bauer rocks my world.

seriously the obsession continues. i love this show, and this character so much. because i was in hawaii during the last season of 24, i couldn't watch it (not because i was living in the state of hawaii, but because it was a rule...no tv!)! tragedy i know! but thanks to justin, i got season 5 on dvd for christmas! so after my big love kick, i jumped back into the world of ctu and jack bauer. i started sunday night, and finished thursday night...and i didn't even watch any episodes on tuesday! i was dedicated to the cause of finishing before season 6 starts on Sunday! can i just say that the costume people of season 5 are freakin fantastic! jack was outfitted better than ever...super cute jeans, rad shirt, great hoodie, and even an amazing murse! wow, i really can't wait for even more jack.

It's reunion time people!! I haven't seen Kristin since October, and Tessa since April....that means it's almost been a year since i've seen tessa!! what the heck is that all about?! i guess that's what happens when one of us is on the east coast, one on the west coast, and one's in Hawaii (or Sri Lanka, or Thailand, or Bangladesh, or....you get the picture!) well, anyways it looks like the reuinion will be taking place sometime towards the end of march, and that is EXCITING to say the least!! ahhhh i can't wait!

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