Meguiar's product review (2)

. DA Polisher . SwirlX . Tech Wax 2.0 . Trim Detailer .
I used a DA (dual action) Polisher on the Civic and it was amazing! Once you have used a polisher or buffer you'll never go back to doing things by hand. Not only does it take almost every bit of the hard work out but it allows an you to provide even coat of what is going on the surface in half of the time. Great thing is that you can use them for swirl removal, ultimate compound, polishing and waxing.

After applying a rubbing compound to the surface by hand I knew the finish needed more done. I could still see some light swirls and feel some tiny bumps on the finish. This is where SwilrX came in. It is slightly stronger than the compound that I used and is designed also to eliminate swirl marks cause by wash and drying with the wrong materials.

Next was the deep gloss shine and protection layer of Tech Wax 2.0. This wax provides the rich colors of dark colored cars to put out with the polish and provides great protection with synthetic wax. The shine and reflection that these two provided for the ride were unbelievable. Both the SwirlX and Tech Wax were extremely easy to apply with the DA Polisher and were able to be done in about an hour.

To finish the details off I used the Gold Class Trim Detailer. This works amazing on all those black plastic parts. Even when the car is completely detailed these areas can be the biggest eye sores because they never look the way they did originally. This works a great to rejuvenate those spots.

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gina marie said...

You got me hooked...I only buy this stuff now...your a walking infomercial. -K