home alone

Today is our second day home alone. We are so thankful for the 3 weeks we got to spend home as a family, and were definitely sad to see Alex go to work yesterday! i was going to try to be a little more productive yesterday (finish thank you notes...shop for a few things at target...get some photos ordered...) but then reality set in, and I wasn't actually able to cross anything off the list! Between feeding, changing, pumping, and washing supplies for feeding and pumping, that was my whole day! Day 1 flew by, and day 2 is doing the same! Micah has been pretty easy and I am thankful for that! Today I tried out both the Moby wrap, and the Baby Bjorn, and the little guy likes them both! Using them will definitely free me up some more!

Tomorrow we will attempt our first outing...lunch with the girls, and hopefully visiting a friend and her new baby!

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