decorating fun.

i've been having so much fun making things for our house. with halloween behind us and thanksgiving on the horizon, i had fun taking down the halloween decorations and putting up the thanksgiving things i made. the only halloween thing that was different this year than last year's "boo" banner was the candy corn i made...again via pinterest. i don't have a pic of mine, but they look pretty much exactly the same as the ones in the pin :) here's a look at the thanksgiving decor up in our house...it's only two things, but it makes our home feel so festive.

thankful tree :: via pinterest

i don't have a specific pin to thank for this, just was inspired by all of the awesome burlap banners!
i am now super excited to start working on christmas...both decor and presents! i am proud to say that i have already purchased several gifts, and i'm excited to actually have time to make some gifts this year too! it's amazing what happens when you start planning in september :)

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