Were awesome

Angelina and I have definitely hit a milestone in our Wii bowling careers. As of yesterday we are both Pro! Angelina is totally proud that she became pro first. Being pro in Wii bowling is quite difficult. Not really, you just have to play a lot and build good scores up. Although we sure think it's an accomplishment. One of the perks we noticed so far is you get a sweet sparkling star decorated ball. I don't really know anything more exciting. Here is a look at us(Wii version).On another note, while putting some food away in the freezer last night I cam across an interesting discovery in our freezer. Angelina mistakenly put some leftover snap peas from lunch in the freezer instead of the fridge. It brought me to an interesting question when I found them. It went something like this...

alex: "umm, why do we have snapeas in the freezer?"

ang: hehehe!

As you can guess they were unedible, hard as rocks, and looked like this...

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