hair drama

Getting a haircut is a big deal for me. I'm not a fan of haircuts in general even though I have a salon that I love and have been devoted to for 7 years. I am not one of the girls that thinks that it's just hair and it will grow back. I know that it will grow back, however, I really like my hair. I like my style and the color. I just like it. We've been together since birth and I don't let just anyone get near my hair.

So, my first mistake was to try a new salon. I was worried about it, but it was closer to home than my old salon and a tad cheaper so I looked around online and saw that it had GREAT reviews. I didn't see one bad comment so I thought I'd go for it. I made an appointment and Friday was the day. I walked in and thought, "okay, looks like a nice place." The receptionist was super friendly and helpful so some of the apprehension went away. That feeling lasted only until I met my stylist. She was NOT friendly. She asked what I wanted done and I explained that I needed my bangs cut and I like to leave as much length as possible in the back while eliminating split ends. So, she shampoos my hair. Fine. It wasn't the luxurious wash that I'm used to, but whatever. Then she cuts my hair in 10 minutes flat. Weird. Then the blow dry was the worst part. She used a round brush and would roll my hair around the brush and leave it there! At one point there were THREE brushes rolled into my hair. It hurt, and I told her that it hurt, but she left them! The last time I complained about it hurting, she laughed. LAUGHED! I was appalled, but let her finish and got the heck out of there.

As I was walking in the parking lot, I was already on the phone with my old salon. I told them I needed my bangs cut because she didn't even touch them, and they told me to come right in. The guy who helped me was incredibly helpful and basically re-cut and styled my hair for the price of a blow-dry. I will never stray from my salon again! Toni & Guy, I love you and I'm sorry for cheating on you!

Oh, and I did go back to the first place to talk to the owner, and he gave me a full refund. And here's the final product...I am very happy with it.

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