best. parents. ever.

today i am especially thankful for my parents. let me tell you about my week...sunday night, i went to bed at 6pm. not a nap, literally in bed for the night at 6pm. slept through until micah woke the next morning. we spent the entire day at home in our jammies. i was WIPED. monday night, my throat started hurting, but i was supposed to be at work at 7am tuesday to unload the easter truck, so off i went. i made it through until 3 and then headed home. then my throat really started hurting. like the burning, have to suck on throat lozenges all night long kind of hurting. wednesday, i went to staff meeting, had one more meeting, and then i was toast. noon on wednesday, i went down hard. i went home early, and my parents stayed to help out with micah while i rested. then they went and got dinner for everyone and came back to feed us. amazing.

then after being with micah all day tuesday and wednesday, my dad came back over this morning and played with/cared for micah all morning until his nap when my mom came over. they fed me, took care of micah, and took care of me. i am so thankful because i don't think i would have been a very good mama today.

thankfully, i think i'm over the worst of it. i'm hoping to be up for work this weekend. so yeah. i have he best parents ever!

oh and did i mention that all of my dishes are clean thanks to my mama :)

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kathy said...

Awww! I am so sorry to hear you were to sick. And I am so glad you have family around to take care of you. Feel all the way better soon!!