we. are. STILL. insane.

do you remember last year when we moved? well, we thought that it was the craziest time to move.


now is the craziest time to move, and, you guessed it...we're moving! again.

this will be our 4th place right before our 3 year wedding anniversary.

let me map this out for you....

alex just moved to full time which means he isn't here to use wednesdays to pack.
i am in the process of helping to make Easter 2011 happen.
may 8th RH is launching a new campus in huntington.
may 12th is micah's first birthday.
may 12th also starts a three day family ministry gathering (aka conference with a TON of people).
may 15th is micah's birthday party.
oh, and did i mention that we have one of our dear friends staying with us from the 9th-15th.

yup...sounds crazy, right? yeah. we get the keys to our new place on may 10th. and we need to be completely out of our current place by the 20th. so why are we doing this? well, let me tell you ::
the new place is free standing. that's right, no shared walls!
washer and dryer hook ups.
new windows.
new carpet.
new dishwasher.
new stove.
new countertops.
a side yard!! this one is huge for us...with a little person and summer right around the corner, we SO desired a place for him to play outside without having to drive anywhere.
laminate floors in the living room.
new tub and bathroom vanity.
all of the above for a (very) small increase in rent.
not having to live next to crazy mccrazy.
no smoker right outside our window.
no stairs!
a landlord who actually wants to upgrade the property for you.

we just couldn't pass this place up. seeing it again last night totally confirmed our decision. it's everything we have talked about wanting. we LOVE it. the funny thing is that alex just happened to drive by it on the way home on Sunday...right after we had just released our hopes of finding anything better within our price range. literally, just minutes after we said that we just need to keep our eyes open but not be expectant and to trust that God would make it clear when it was time. well, He made it clear.

so yes, we might be insane, but i think we'd be more insane to pass it up!

and because no post is finished until it has some micahness in it, here's a winner ::

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