eleven months.

we're a little late on micah's update this month. mostly because mama has been (and still is) crazy busy!

every day i think you just can't possibly get any more fun, and then you wake up the next day and prove me wrong! you are still a ball of energy and i don't think that's ever going to change ;) this month you've gotten more steady on your feet and are braving up to 5 steps at a time now! Most of the time it's still only 2 or 3 though. you are a happy baby who never stops moving. if you're still, it's because you are asleep! you've started playing ball now and we LOVE it. you're also loving the outdoors more and more. i think you're going to turn mama into an outside girl :) we take walks nearly every afternoon and you love crawling around on the grass outside.
you are still a very good eater...the only thing we've found that you don't like is eggs. you have tried so many new things, and mama can't even keep track of them anymore! i think that means you're a big kid now.

the closer we get to your birthday, the more i get sentimental about you growing up. you are such a gift to your dad and i. we love you more than we ever thought possible and we love you more every single day!

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