easter 2011.

easter was amazing. God was glorified and i experienced the presence of the Spirit in unbelievable ways. easter started for me months ago, but really started taking shape on thursday at our staff meeting. i wish i was an eloquent writer so that i could explain the awesomeness of our staff meeting. we reflecting on stories of transformation from past easters which was inspiring, but then the Spirit fell on us in an incredibly prophetic way. there was not a dry eye, and to be honest, i just don't have the right words...you'll just have to trust me :)

the bulk of the set up was on thursday night. it was a great night and most everything got done.

friday, we had 3 services with children's ministry, and then packed up every.single.toy from the entire building to take over to the tents at the fairgrounds.

saturday was unloading the truck with the toys, and then fine tuning all of the tents. we finished in record time and then we had the stirring saturday night which was a night for the Church around orange and LA counties to get together to worship and pray for the sunday morning gatherings, and the families in the county. francis chan brought a pretty powerful message and we were mobilized to action by contributing to an amazing organization called Safe Families.

and then....easter morning! incredible. incredible. incredible! francis joined us yet again and it was not a service that will be forgotten anytime soon. since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some captured by alex ::

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