our new home.

so, the virus has not left me. went to the doctor, but he was no help. dumb virus. i did have to go to work today, but i stayed as far away from people as possible and didn't even step inside a kids room! just there for support, ya know?

okay so the virus is kind of depressing...especially since i've been resting like crazy...alex and my parents have done double duty to keep me resting. anywhoo...our new home is much more exciting than a dumb virus, so i figured I would post some pictures. it's still a work in progress as they are currently installing new countertops and a new tub. we visited again yesterday to check out the progress and it was really exciting :)


kathy said...

CUTE. Love the big window in the front. Also, does the fountain thing in the back come with it?

Can't wait to see it! And feel better soon friend!!

alexander said...


oh and kath, no fountain for us. it's kind of nasty anyways.