almost one.

did you know that this guy is turning 1 in less than a week??! i can hardly believe it. he started walking a LOT more this week! it's safe to say we have a walker, even though i think he prefers crawling because he's faster! with all of the craziness that is surrounding us right now, i am still trying to focus on the details of his little man birthday party. i love and appreciate the details that go into making a party so special, and i'm not skipping any because his birthday happens to fall at a crazy time :) okay, okay, so i'm not focusing on every teeny tiny thing, but i am trying to be intentional for our little guy. here's a sneak peak of what's to come...

(little jars with adhesive mustaches)

(tiny paper bunting)

everything is really starting to come together...maybe i'll start packing this afternoon ;)

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