i'm a crier. always have been. pretty sure i always will be.

i get especially emotional every time alex and i move...which is once a year at this point...let's pray that this next place will be somewhere for us to be long term!

i think it's helping that the birthday party is distracting me from the reality that we are moving in less than a week, but, i know that this move is going to be the most emotional yet. just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. this is where i labored. this is where we brought him home. this is where we walked the hall in the middle of the night soothing our newborn. this is where he learned to roll over. to scoot. to crawl. to walk.

oh my.

while our neighbors are not ideal, and being on the second floor with a baby is rough, we have had some amazing memories here. ones that i hope to never forget. and with that i am going to try to move forward, knowing that this move is going to be great for our family, and i'm going to try to cut off the weepiness before i got into the ugly cry. here are some of those first memories with micah at home.


kathy said...

hugs mama! those pics are SO cute. he started so tiny!!
let me know if I can help out this week.

Yaya and Papa said...

I'm a crier too!! It's tough being a mom! love you all!